Dear Customers,

We are trying our best to make sure that your orders are delivered intact. Unfortunately at times our efforts prove to be ineffective due to many independent factors that might occur during the transport.

In order to enhance the complaint process, please find below the guide of how to place a complaint:

1. Verify the contents of the package - if the package has any signs of external or internal damage please write a damage report in the presence of the courier.

2. A complaint must be placed not later than 2-3 days after the package has been delivered.

3. A complaint placed through an email message must include the following information:

  • a precise description of the damage (names of the products, quantities, type of damage).
  • a picture of the damaged items while still in the package.
  • in case more than one product suffered the damage, the customer must attach a picture presenting all damaged products standing next to each other.
  • a damage report.

After receiving every compound from the above, your complaint shall be considered. Then we will be able to place a complaint to our carrier.