I. General arrangements

1. The conclusion of the contract between GOBLI Mariusz Tomasiak, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, and the Buyer, takes place only on the basis of these conditions. All other terms shall not be accepted and shall only apply if accepted in writing by the Seller.

2. The internet platform www.careb2b.com is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs (B2B). An entrepreneur is any natural person, legal entity or partnership with legal capacity, which, when performing a legal act, acts in the course of business or professional activity. By submitting an offer, the Buyer ensures that he is an entrepreneur.

II. Conclusion of contract

1. The subject of the contract shall be the sale of goods by the Seller to the Buyer on the internet platform www.careb2b.com

2. The purchase is possible with registration by the Buyer. Upon registration, the Buyer shall create a customer account and choose a password to protect access to it. The Buyer shall be responsible that this password does not reach unauthorized persons. The Buyer’s account shall be verified and approved by the Seller.

3. The information contained on the www.careb2b.com internet platform does not constitute an offer of the Seller. It should be understood as a simple invitation to tender (so-called invitatio ad offerendum).

4. The Buyer’s order shall constitute an offer to conclude a purchase contract with the Seller for the ordered goods. The Buyer submits his offer via the online form provided for this purpose on the internet platform www.careb2b.com. After the Buyer selects the desired goods and completes the electronic ordering process, he submits a legally binding offer for the goods selected by him by clicking the button intended to complete the ordering process. Placing an offer is possible only after clicking the button “I have read and accept these terms and conditions and I hereby confirm that I am an entrepreneur”.

5. Before sending the order, the contract data can be printed or saved electronically by the Buyer using the print function of the browser.

6. After placing the order, the Buyer receives an email confirmation from the Seller, which shall present the Buyer’s order and to which these business conditions will be attached. This confirmation does not mean acceptance of the order, but only confirmation of receipt of the order by the Seller. The contract shall be concluded only when the Seller issues a declaration of acceptance to the Buyer’s offer. This statement will be sent by e-mail in the form of a pro-forma invoice containing details of product availability, price confirmation, and payment method details. Only this declaration shall constitute acceptance of the Buyer’s offer. 

7. The Seller does not keep the text of the contract. 

8. Before the Buyer places an order, he can identify any errors in the data entered by him by checking the content of the fields which he has completed in the online forms. Using the usual functions of the mouse and keyboard, he can correct any data errors at any time until he clicks the button intended for the completion of the ordering process.

9. The only language of the contract can be English.

III. Reservation of title and disclaimer of warranties

1. The Seller retains ownership of the ordered goods until full payment of the purchase price (including Vat and shipping charges).

2. The Buyer may resell the goods delivered by the Seller with reservation of title without the Seller’s prior written consent and assigns the Seller claims for resale in the event of a possible resale. The Buyer shall be entitled to collect the receivables assigned in this way in the usual manner, and this authorization may be revoked at any time in the event of delay in payment by the Buyer. 

3. The Seller sells the goods with the exclusion of any warranty.

IV. Contract performance and shipping costs

1. Basically, the purchase price is payable in advance. Other payment options may be specified during the ordering process.

The Customer may choose the following forms of payment for the ordered Goods:

    • bank transfer to the Seller’s bank account (in this case, the order will be processed after the Seller sends confirmation of the order acceptance to the Customer and after the funds are credited to the Seller’s bank account);

    • payment card, BLIK or bank transfer via an external payment system Przelewy24.pl, operated by PayPro S.A. based in Poznań (in this case, implementation of the order will begin after the Seller sends the confirmation of order acceptance to the Customer and after the funds are credited to the Seller’s bank account); 

2. The prices shown on the platform are net. The prices of the offered goods do not include VAT in the amount currently in force on the date of concluding the contract. The shipping cost is given in the price list on page www.careb2b.com in the “Delivery” tab. The cost of shipping shall be borne by the Buyer.

3. It is only possible to issue a net invoice if the relevant legal requirements have been met. In particular, if the Buyer has an activeVAT identification number. If these requirements are not met, a gross invoice is issued and the Buyer must pay the Seller the gross amount.

4. The delivery time shall be up to 4 working days. The delivery date shall begin depending on the selected payment method according to the rules set out in IV. 1. If the last day of an appointment is Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the appointment shall end at the end of the next working day.  

V. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

1. The contractual relationship between the Seller and the Buyer shall be governed by Polish law, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

2. In the event of any disputes arising from the contractual relationship, a court action must be brought only to the court competent for the seat of the Seller. The Seller is also entitled to bring proceedings into the court competent for the seat of the Buyer.